Does expedited shipping ship on weekends?

Does expedited shipping ship on weekends?

Expedited shipping is often available on weekends, but not always when using Fedex, UPS, or USPS. The USPS delivers Priority Mail Express® shipments on Saturdays, and it also accepts packages for shipment at post offices on Saturdays. FedEx 2Day offers Saturday pickup and delivery in certain areas for an additional charge. BUT...Did you know that when using a true dedicated truck for your expedite shipment, that you can have a truck to your pick up location in as little as 2 hrs?

If you are not a company or business that is sending out multiple pallets of goods, then the rest of this helpful info may not be for you. If you are a company and send out 1 pallet of goods or more, and need it there with out any issues and as quickly as possible, with live tracking on the unit. Then that is where a dedicated use truck can help. 

What does dedicated use truck mean? 

This means you are paying for the entire truck. And the truck picks up from your said location and delivers directly to delivery, all inside the given transit time window. Sometimes getting to delivery well before you need it, and waiting for someone to arrive an unload. 

This can be helpful if you run into any of the following circumstances:

  • Lost freight needing to be recovered asap from a terminal
  • Cross-border deadline into Mexico or Canada
  • Manufacturing Production Line-Down Situation 
  • White-glove - extra care needed when handling shipment
  • Air-Force Base Shipments - Clean Record
  • Just need it there ASAP and don't like sending your freight on a partial truckload.


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