What is Expedited Shipping?

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a type of shipping service that delivers goods faster than regular shipping, usually on a dedicated truck. Overnight shipping, express shipping, and 2-day shipping are all forms of expedited shipping. 

Expedited shipping comes with the privilege to have the driver help load, or unload, with an added fee. However most expedited shipments are simply to pick up asap and deliver directly asap. The driver only stops for fuel, food, and a quick nap.

Expedited shipping comes with a greater fee, but a higher lever of services is expected. It is normal to have team drivers on an expedited shipment that help keep the truck moving. 

Some other names for expedited shipping are: Final Mile, Emergency Shipments, Unexpected Shipment, Unplanned Shipment, Dedicated Shipment. 

There are also hybrids of expedited shipments. Where the truck must pick up and deliver as quickly and safely as possible, but the drivers are getting paid to do manual labor as well. Things like: Inside Pick up, Inside Delivery, Blanket Wrap Service.

The most popular industries that use expedited shipping on a regular basis include: Automotive Manufacturers, Trade Show/Exhibit Events, Furniture Storage & Delivery Companies, and Manufacturers shipping unusually sized items.

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Common carriers like, Fedex, UPS, USPS, often offer expedited shipping, or express shipping for smaller packages that are not very heavy. This is where most  companies go to fulfill their expedited needs. However, many companies have heavier and large items/pallets that need shipped, and that is where they pay for the entire dedicated truck to fulfill their expedited shipment. 

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